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Welcome To My Multi-Tiered Website!Voice Teaching, Coaching and Performance

My name is Doe Kelly (yes, that’s right, as in “Doe, a deer!”). I am a degreed singer (classically trained), a performer / entertainer (or so I’ve been told!) and also a vocal coach and voice instructor, for both sung and spoken word. I live, teach and perform in the Longmont-Boulder area of Colorado, USA. Rather than separate these several aspects of what I do, professionally, for a living, into more than one website, I have decided to include them in separate categories, but under the same umbrella, called “Doe Kelly Voice.”

Whether you are in the market for a vocal instructor or coach, or are in the market for a person (or persons – plural) to come and perform for your group or organization, whether it is for a private or public function, you may have just come to the right place at just the right time!

Vocal Performance

If you wish to consider hiring me as a performer, please visit my Voice Performance page. There you will find outlined the type of performances I am currently engaged in creating and performing, as well as photos of a number of performances I’ve done in recent times…..

Tranformational Voice for Adult Students

If you are someone who has wanted to sing but hasn’t, for whatever the fear or justification, and is now just summoning up your nerve to maybe dip that first little pinky-toe into that scary water, in the hopes of seeing something change and improve in your life, please see my Transformational Voice page…

Vocal Coaching / Voice Instruction

If you are already knowing that music is a part of your path and journey, and you are wanting not only a capable instructor who will treat you as the whole person you are, but who will also challenge you musically and, essentially, personally, to push your edge…..see my Vocal Coaching / Instruction page…..

If you are not sure what brought you to this page, but feel a pull towards something here, please feel free to nose around the entire site, because, you just never know what you might find, and it could be your….very….own…Self!

Holistic Voice

If you are looking to learn vocal technique, as well as the whole you – your voice, body, mind, breath, feelings and spirit, being guided into a space of functioning awareness, please see my Holistic Voice page.

About MeVoice Teaching, Coaching and Performance

To learn about me and my background as both a singer and a holistically inclined individual, and where I’m coming from when I teach, see my About page….


To read what people have both said to me as well as written about me, see my Testimonials page…


To learn about recording projects I’ve been involved in, and things to come, and to listen to some samples of my two albums, In The key Of Om and The Gift, Christmas In Story And Song, and to purchase digital downloads of these albums, please see my Albums page…

Articles, etc.

And to read a bit more about my background and the history of my process, by way of an article I’ve written called “The Razor’s Edge,” as well as articles and blog posts to come, please do sign up for my blog on the right.

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Doe Kelly, performing "Jesu Bambino" at a Christmas concert in Boulder, CO, Dec. 2014.

Me, performing “Jesu Bambino” at a Christmas concert in Boulder, CO, Dec. 2014.

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